Pneumatinis smūginis veržliasukis 1/2", 1492 Nm (BW-112X)


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Super Power 1/2" composite air impact wrench (1492 N.M)

BW-112X 1/2" Pistol Impact Wrench 
• The Super powerfull twin hammer-1100 max. torque 
• Innovation One Hand Torque control knob for Forwarding /Reverse. 
•Unique rigid structure for cylinder and front bearing seat for large torque and stable performance 
•New Technology make Hammer Frame stronger; 
• Ergonomic composite housing for lower weight with big handle; 
• Removable air inlet screen for easy cleaning; 
• Noise Silencer technology is option 
• Standard Bolt Capacity is 24mm (socket size is 36mm) 
Best for application :Versatile tool ideal for all general and Heavy Duty repairs and maintenance applications